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Lack of sleep can disrupt your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight. It’s also associated with higher levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. This can lead to greater appetite and higher caloric intake. Thus, adequate sleep is essential for weight management.

The verdict: Proper sleep can help you avoid excess weight gain and, over time, lose weight. But if you‘re looking to drop 10 pounds by the end of the month, sleep isn’t your answer. You might think that the more hours you‘re awake, the more calories you‘re burning, so you should be losing more weight.Some popular weight loss diets suggest that you can lose weight while sleeping. However, the majority of the weight you lose while sleeping may be water weight. That said, getting adequate sleep regularly may promote long-term weight loss

9 Things That Can Help You Lose Weight While Sleeping

Are you someone who chooses to sleep their way out to deal with issues? Or do you find yourself curling up in bed whenever you have a couple of extra minutes to spare? Well, if you do, then you, my friend, know that sleep is a blessing that should be counted. Another blessing we all wish for is to eat all we want without putting on extra kilos. And to lose weight, we strive hard with an endless number of workouts, multiple diets, and what not. But often, we fail miserably. What if we told you that you can kill two birds with one stone—you can sleep all you want and also lose weight while at it!

According to Michael Breus, clinical director of sleep division at Arrowhead Health, Ariz, not getting enough sleep lands your metabolism in a sticky spot (1). Picture this: you’ve had a sleepless night, and in order to be able to concentrate at work, you order multiple cups of coffee and gorge on some unhealthy snacks to keep yourself energetic. You end up feeling lazy and exhausted and miss your workouts. Ultimately, you’re harboring extra calories.The sleep-diet connection is real. If you snooze more, you lose more: lose weight, we mean!  Don’t be baffled, we’ll tell you how exactly you can lose weight while you catch your ZZZs. Here are 9 things that can slim down your waistline while you get enough shut-eye.

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